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Case Management

Each student will be case managed by a highly qualified special education teacher. The special education teacher will communicate student progress regularly, facilitate IEP and eligibility meetings, and deliver academic instruction. In addition, each student will have a mental health specialist who will be responsible to coordinate treatment planning and related services.


Coordination of Services 

Oak Grove Academy emphasizes communication between all involved parties in students’ lives. In addition to frequent home communication Oak Grove Academy also values input from outside services such as developmental disability services, community mental health, juvenile justice and department of human services. If a student is enrolled in community mental health services the mental health specialist will work to obtain a release of information to coordinate services in the best interest of the student.



Oak Grove Academy staff are trained to understand the importance of student and family confidentiality when sharing information to best serve the student in the school environment.  Mental Health Specialists adhere to the confidentiality policies of the school district and their licensing board. All information shared with school staff will be necessary and in the best interest of understanding student context.


Parent/Guardian Contact

Staff will maintain regular contact with the home environment to report both progress as well as concerns.  Whenever possible, staff will handle behavioral concerns within the program, avoiding out of school suspensions. However, school district discipline policies will be followed under the direction of the administrator. Parents/guardians will be contacted in the event of the following: drug, alcohol and tobacco violations, physical altercations, weapons violations, harassment and discriminatory behavior.