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Dress Code

Oak Grove Academy will follow the Forest Grove High School dress code, which is as follows:

Dress and grooming studies have shown that the attire of students has an important influence on the attitude toward learning within any school. What students wear to school should reflect the serious purpose of education. Dress and grooming of the students rests primarily with the student and parents. However, any dress, grooming or appearance that disrupts or tends to disrupt the educational process or affects the health or safety of our school is prohibited. Students will be asked to change for the remainder of the day. Examples of unacceptable dress include but are not limited to:

1. Immodest clothing: bare midriff or backless tops, strapless, single strap or halter top, sagging pants which show underwear. Skirts/ shorts must be modest and mid-thigh in length.

2. Clothing that indicates membership in or support for youth gangs including: colors, headbands, hats, hairnets or do-rags.

3. Clothing or accessories that display drug symbols or paraphernalia including tobacco products or alcohol

4. Clothing or accessories displaying sexually inappropriate, violent, vulgar or obscene words, phrases or illustrations.

5. Clothing or accessories or items displaying racial or ethnic slurs or negative symbolism including satanic, Neo-Nazi or anarchy, Confederate flags.

6. Clothing or accessories or items with studs or sharp objects attached.

7. Determination of what is school appropriate is made by school staff and administration.

Personal Possessions

Backpacks, book bags, wallets or purses of any kind are not needed or allowed. School supplies will be provided to each student. Please refrain from bringing any personal possessions to school, other than personal care and hygiene items. In individual circumstances when a student uses an item as a coping mechanism, a student is attending partial day at their neighborhood school, or if a student/parent has questions regarding what is allowed, please direct questions to the program administrator or mental health specialist. Please do not send your student to school with any personal items or possessions without express permission from administrator or mental health specialist.